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We proudly present to you Ingrid - Sentient Artificial Manager (SAM) After years of labor of love, Ingrid is now in public beta. Click the "Play Video" button to watch our short intro/vision video.

Ingrid - ICBM Program





state of the art

We have crafted Ingrid for performance, scalability and sophisticated business intelligence. Your custom module will be part of this software ecosystem!

better & faster

No need to reinvent the wheel! All the existing features and capabilities of the Ingrid platform are included in your custom module on day 1 and it won't cost you extra!.

your app is our app

We don't write software, we craft it! We've created Ingrid with love and passion. Unlike some software companies, we won't give you a quick and dirty solution because your app is ours too!

Cloud Native Platform

Ingrid: API + Web + Mobile

Ingrid is made up of a cloud native API that is designed for high performance and limitless scalability, a feature rich web app and mission-specific mobile apps that run on iOS and Android platforms.

The cloud native API, which is where all the "magic" happens runs on Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform and uses state-of-the art data management, analysis and app services that come with it.






AI Learns & Assists


Web + Mobile


Always On


Human Friendly


Connect to the full power of Ingrid API through our web and mobile apps.

Ingrid Web provides the full feature set on your desktop for a rich, full screen experience.Intended for handling more complex interaction scenarios throughout the day in your office, Ingrid web app is the best way to take advantage of Ingrid's full power!

Ingrid Web provides contact, project and task management features as well as file sharing and instant messaging to help small businesses communicate with employees, clients/customers and business partners.

Bringing all aspects of managing a business into a single place... a single app!

Ingrid is designed to be the "artificial" manager you can depend on that will help you manage all aspects of your business. Ingrid is designed to bring all the sophisticated tools and analytics that Fortune 500 companies use to the small business.

Ingrid Mobile and more focused Ingrid TM and Ingrid MNY apps provide a subset of Ingrid's features on iOS and Android platforms.

As the world we live in becomes more and more connected and the way business is conducted becomes less location dependant, our focus is shifting more to Ingrid mobile apps and it is our strategic goal to provide all the power and features of Ingrid in our mobile apps.

The primary function of our mobile apps is to bring your trusted "artificial" manager Ingrid with you whereever you go and to provide all the tools and analytics you need to run your business from anywhere you maybe and anytime you like!

We completely recognize that each business is unique and may have needs that can only be addressed through a tailor-made solution. That's exactly what our Ingrid Custom Business Module (ICBM) program is for.

Through the ICBM program, we create a custom solution for your business that runs on the Ingrid platform. The solution we will provide you through the ICBM program can be an API, web, mobile app or any combination of the three.

The primary purpose of the ICBM program is to eliminate the need for businesses to create custom applications from scratch. Any ICBM solution will take advantage of Ingrid's secure, high performance and limitless scalability platform and tap into all the existing features of Ingrid, eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel.

It is also our aim to keep the quality of custom software solutions very high. We don't just write software, we craft it. Your custom solution will be created with the same level of love and passion that went into creating Ingrid!

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Ingrid TM

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